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Fine Art Marketplace Featured Artist

Barry Glustoff co-owns and operates Digital Arts Studio, an artist’s resource for Giclée printmaking.

Barry majored in fine art still photography at Southern Illinois University, and has been creating digital Giclée prints since the technology’s early development in the 1990’s. During the past 30 years, Barry has been involved in many aspects of the art and framing industries, having worked as gallery director, custom framer and director of marketing and merchandising for various companies in the art industry.

As a fine art and photography enthusiast, creating digitally manipulated imagery derived from his own photographs has always been a long-time goal. Barry enjoys applying his technical skills and techniques of image manipulation to his photographic compositions.

“ I can often “see” similar compositions by other artists through my viewfinder, having literally viewed tens of thousands of works during my years in the art world. Utilizing various “digital painterly techniques” to recreate or echo established artistic styles is both a challenging and enjoyable creative endeavor.”


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