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Giclée printmaking has been perfected to a level of quality, permanence, and affordability that no other process can match. Visual artists worldwide have embraced this to be the most effective way to offer archival, museum-quality reproductions to expand their market reach and customer base.  Self-publishing artists no longer have to invest and maintain a large inventory. Once a digital master file is created, a variety of size and media options become available to match the needs and wallet of the buyer. Artists can order one print at a time and have it shipped directly to their customer!

Why Giclée?

Simply stated, selling your one-of-a-kind original produces only one paycheck, by one collector or patron. Digitally mastered, museum-quality Giclee print sales will enhance an artist's earning potential by building a larger clientele base and followers.

Potentially, the value of the original may actually increase due to increased notoriety from dozens or hundreds of print buyers. Therefore, many artists prefer to retain ownership of their originals as long as possible, as each sale of a quality fine art print contributes to an ongoing revenue stream and an increasing customer base.

Trotter, sisters, scan, 10/24/12, 2:49 PM, 16C, 8032x7802 (818+1973), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/10 s, R122.5, G87.6, B98.6

Prints can be sold at more affordable prices to potential buyers, and made available in various sizes on paper and/or canvas. Our collaboration focuses on the opportunities Giclee printmaking efficiently and affordably offers; to create and sell MULTIPLE museum-quality fine art reproductions that as closely as possible represent their original work and that will last for decades.

The first and most critical step in producing a giclée is creating a high resolution, digitized copy of the original painting, watercolor, pastel, drawing, collage, etc.  Our studio is capable of direct scans up to 8200 dpi or image capture by our  two large format BetterLight scanning cameras (211 and 384 Megapixel resolution). We routinely scan 4 foot by 8 foot paintings and can print larger with amazing clarity! Mated with specialized optics and a HID lighting system to minimize glare and reflection, we capture every nuance of detail from even the largest of originals.

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We are proud to have been awarded the Platinum Level Certified Hahnemüehle fine art digital printer currently only six in the entire world a, a distinction bestowed only on print studios who have demonstrated an extremely high level of expertise in digital printing.


Our senior staff come from a traditional photographic education and background while our younger imaging technicians are graduates from top ranked art and photography schools.


Whether for home, office, or business, Digital Arts Studio offers a number of services  of interest to non-artists as well. Our studio is open to the public so you may always stop in to ask questions and review samples.