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Client Testimonials

We place great importance on customer service and we pride ourselves on the personal attention given to every client. Our commitment to quality guarantees you the best possible results. We know you will be more than pleased with all of our products. Here are some unsolicited comments from a few of our current clients. Also, please join our mailing list and FaceBook page!

“I’ve been a professional graphic artist for over 20 years and was publishing my watercolours as Giclée prints before very many people had even heard the term. Everyone, is now offering “giclée” prints but the problem is, very few are delivering fine quality digital reproductions. I’ve tried too many printers to mention and always the trade-off was the same: to get a good print cost a lot….to get something that would be sellable, I had to sacrifice quality. No longer! Digital Arts Studio is by far, the very best quality for a really reasonable price. The service is absolutely outstanding and wonderfully friendly. The prints are beautiful, luscious and velvety… makes my work look its absolute best, and at a price that makes resale to the general public very reasonable. Kudos to Barry and his very talented team for providing an excellent product and service. If you are shopping around for a digital printer for your artwork, you need look no further. These guys are the best for your money!” Sally J Smith Environmental Art Sculptor

“This is the best find for all your framing needs! Huge location and they do photo restoration as well. I’m going to bring in an old picture and have them turn it into what looks like a painting! It’s amazing what they can do. Apparently all photographers and artists can come here to print their work almost like originals and sell. Gallery, frame shop, photo restoration, etc. Barry, the owner is so knowledgeable and friendly. Amazing quality work!” Diana Park Alford Aug 2018

“I’ve been working with Digital Arts Studio for a few years and together we made thousands of prints. I highly recommend DAS as I did to so many other artists. It’s easier to be an artist when you have trusted partners like them and I can’t say enough good things about quality, service, and most importantly mentorship to artists, that DAS provides. Barry taught me a lot about the print market and opened my eyes to how it can help you keep a steady income while creating works that are affordable to people that might no be able to buy your originals. Not only Barry, but everyone else that works at DAS, are always ready to assist you and help find solutions to whatever crazy artistic endevour you have in mind.” Yoyo Ferro Nov 2018

“The print was awesome & looks great!…thanks for the proof. I’m sure my client will be thoroughly satisfied–you guys rock!” Stephanie Hill-Ross Artist

“I have known the folks at Digital Arts Studio for many years. They have a great reputation for doing outstanding work for visual artists. When you get to know them, you quickly come to realize they care as much about helping artists succeed as they do helping them get the best results from digital fine art reproductions of their work.” Barney Davey Author of “How to Profit from the Fine Art Print Market”

“I have never properly thanked you guys for the great work you do. While I do not bring you a great deal of business, I want you to know that I have always been very impressed with both the high quality of your work and your absolutely friendly, helpful and gracious service. My clients also greatly appreciate the finished product.” G. Diamond Lakestone Photography

“Thank you guys for bring my paintings to life through the magical form of the giclée. I’ve gotten great remarks on the print quality and have had lots of opportunities to brag about you guys.” A. Foster Painter

“Thanks DAS *TEAM* for making my first experience a great one. From Keith Mendel’s recommendation, I connected w/Barry Glustoff and then w/Robin. They and their printing/framing TEAMS treated me exceptionally well and the finished product looks beautiful. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming show, I already feel like a winner. Thank you again, DAS!” Lou Hablas

“I wanted to send a note thanking you soooooo much for such great service, beautiful job with the painting and for getting it to me in time for the show. You are awesome – great – wow! It is not often anymore that I find this kind of outstanding customer service and I want you to know how much I truly appreciate your care, follow up and attention to detail. Everyone at the show thought the painting was beautiful and I know without your expert advise and help it wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did. You are the kind of person who makes a business stand out among the rest. I hope to get lot’s of orders for paintings in the coming months and be working with you often. People like you make it fun to be in business!” Evelyn Lange, Photo Story LLC

Presentation on Presentation SPS @ DAS 7/2011

“Robin did a GREAT job of educating everyone on the fine art of photographic presentation and the many materials and options available. Really interesting talk. Her partner/husband Barry did manage to get a few minutes to discuss fine art printing and I think everyone came away from his talk wanting more!” Ken Ross

“Barry and DAS, I just received my first prints on canvas from you. Unbelievable good! They turned out exactly as I hoped, and probably better. Can’t wait to put them in the gallery, and I can’t wait to send you my next batch of images in a few weeks. Thanks for the beautiful, high quality work!” Dave Luebbert

“Hi Barry, I would like to thank you for the wonderful print job you did for my painting. It is already a big success! I have sold over 20 prints since I received them last Friday. Thanks for the good work and you will be hearing from me soon!” Jan Art

“I have just attended the sessions on Giclée printmaking offered by Spruill Center for Arts. I met Barry Glustoff and I am most impressed by his knowledge and authority on the subject. He is very nice and easy to work with and understands our needs. As a professional digital photographer I have a different background and needs for the Giclée process than Fine Art Artists who do oil on canvas, and Barry understod that and explained things to me in my language that was most helpful. He has also provided valuable sales and marketing tips to us on how to get our work published and introduced us to several options including limited edition prints and trade shows, etc. I would recommend this class to anyone who deals with or just wants to understand the Fine Arts market.” Somesh Karanjee

“I am extremely pleased with the professional quality of my prints as well as the outstanding customer service from DAS. My framer was so impressed with the giclée print quality that she stated she felt like checking her fingers for pastel dust. Thanks so much!” Paula Murphy

“I am an artist who has been teaching fine arts for more than 20 years. I have been working in oils, watercolors, pastels, and alternative photography. This past year I began having Digital Arts Studio work with me in creating limited edition Giclées of my originals. The Giclées look just like the originals! Digital Arts Studio uses the finest watercolor papers to print on. I have also had them print for me Giclées on canvas. Among these have been large 32 inches by 32 inch prints on stretched canvas reproduced from 3″ x 3″ originals. They are fabulous! Digital Arts Studio works side by side with the artist to achieve the finest results. I look forward to working on new art work this year and to continue having limited edition Giclées done by Digital Arts Studio.” J. London Studio Marietta, Georgia