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Featured Fine Art Marketplace Artist: Mike England

Michael England is a self-taught artist, painting in watercolor and gauche. His creative endeavors began at an early age and he began serious focus on his art in the 1970’s. Over the years he has been featured at various galleries, participated in numerous art shows, and belonged to several artists’ groups in past years. His art was featured as cover art for the magazine ‘Brown’s Guide to Georgia’, on multiple occasions. He has paintings in corporate collections and many private homes.
Michael resides in the Atlanta area, his vocation is Traffic Engineering. However, his avocation has always been drawing and painting. He devotes much of his free time to painting scenes of everyday life and locations throughout Georgia and is looking forward to retirement, when he can focus much more time on his painting.

“My subjects are those instances where light, color and shadow interact with objects and the landscape, and locations that have been part of my life’s experiences.”

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