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Fine Art Marketplace Focus on Lori Lejeune

Lori Lejeune explores the intersection of art and technology in her photographic and mixed media artwork. She works in series and recurrent themes are cultural perception, context, humor and paradox. Several of her landscape series are “Visual Anagrams,” where when the print is turned upside down, another view of the scene is revealed. Her Chess series are created with a eye toward composition and she is inspired by the game for representing life’s choices and challenges.

Lejeune’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and is included in corporate, private and museum collections such as the Charter Management Company, Coronado Press, the Museum of South Texas, Mexic-Arte Museum, and the University of Texas Benson/Romo Collection, among others.


“My imagery is unique, dream-like and whimsical. Chess references appear frequently in my work and although I’m not a chess player, I’m inspired by the game as a metaphor for expressing life’s inevitable choices and dilemmas, victories, and defeats. Lamppost imagery, inviting color, humor, and a narrative quality are also hallmarks of my work. The process used to create my photographic pieces involves a 3-d software, which is like a combination of scultpting and photography; and exploring this new media is exciting and meaningful to me. However, creating the artwork is not a fast process and each piece takes quite a while to complete, usually about a month. Some additional facts about me are: a) a palmist told me that I have a creative gift sign in my palm; it is a star of 3 intersecting lines in my left palm right below my third finger and b) the first cash I received for my artwork was in fourth grade when I won $20 for a poster that I drew for a parish-wide contest.”