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For us, it’s a BIG deal when we alter the paper selections that we offer.  We choose to carry products that provide the best quality, value and consistency  No “generic” or “sale papers” from our distributors.  Color calibration for any new addition costs us plenty in both time and material!
One of our long-time gold standards, Ilford Gallerie Prestige photo papers will no longer be available once our current inventory is gone. Ilford Imaging Switzerland’s digital paper division has gone out of business after struggling for many years in the market. Their film division which is based in the UK continues to function.
After much experimentation and tests, we have selected to replace these papers with Vibrance Baryta Photo.  For those who use Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper, you’ll find this similar in look and feel but clearly a “step up” in quality!
Baryta is a term used for a Barium Sulfate “clay-like” paper coating that produces incredible D-max, shadow details and durability.  This new acid-free alpha-cellulose paper is almost 20% THICKER than Ilford Galerie Pearl or Gloss  and virtually impervious to fingerprints, rough handling,  or mounting, etc.  Many photographers have chosen to display and sell mounted Baryta prints without glass!. When printed with our pigmented inks, the longevity tests rate this paper well over 100+years.   By buying direct from the manufacturer, we can now offer a significantly BETTER default photo paper choice for a slight price difference! All this and a 16×20 “archival pigment print” is now under $20!  Download our new price list with all the details from our website.
For the most vivid color prints, try  Vibrance Metallic, a high gloss “pearlescent  RC photo paper” that virtually shimmers!  Very similar to the original Kodak Endura paper first with this unique characteristic.
Generic soft-proof profiles will be downloadable from the online store. We encourage you to try these out; As always, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction!