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What Is the Best Way for Artists to Get Found Online?

Following is another great post from Art Marketing Guru Barney Davey.  If  you’re an artist and have not yet subscribed to Barney’s blog you may do so by clicking HERE.


The myth of social media and marketing art online.

I talk with lots of artists through a variety of communication methods. Some of it is in person, but also via email and social media. Many of the conversations include questions about how to sell art and get found online.  A recent question via Twitter from @kylevthomas is an excellent example.

In his tweet to me, Kyle asked, “Barney, in this online culture, what do you say is the #1 way to get art seen by more potential collectors?” My reply was, “I think it is the wrong question. I would ask how can I find more collectors. Waiting and hoping to get discovered gets you stuck.”

Expecting to get found online and have success is a prescription for failure. Stay tuned. I will expand on that thought later in this post.

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