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Meet Albrica Tierra: A Great Addition to the DAS Team

A couple months back I was on vacation when the need to hire an additional digital imaging technician came up.  When I returned to work I was pleased to see that my business partners had hired Albrica; a talented, highly creative student at SCAD Atlanta, soon to be a graduate.  Albrica brings a wealth of digital imaging and photography experience to our talented team along with a great sense of style and creative energy.  She’s one of the most focused people I ever remember working with….we’re glad to have Albrica on our team.  Check out her bio below and link over to her website to see some of her photography;

Albrica Tierra is a photographer whose inspiration comes from an idea of a bond between a person and their environment, which further translates into an unorthodox photographic style of introducing a new persona out of these components. The result is bodies of work that are ethereal and eccentric enough to linger in the back of your mind as time passes.

It may come as a surprise to hear that photography was not Albrica’s first passion. She wanted to become the first Black female President, but that switched to being a veterinarian, and then becoming a famous poet living in Italy…her mother was overwhelmed. Not until her junior year in high school, after randomly picking an art elective, that Albrica discovered her intense love for photography—she has not stopped photographing since.

Her passion increased rapidly as she was given her first digital SLR camera at the age of 16, where she started off taking pictures of anything interesting in her eyes (at the time, this was flowers, her friends, and her lovable pet pug). Now, at the age of 22, Albrica Tierra is a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on fashion photography, fine art, and finding ways of blending the two”albrica.