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Fine Art Marketplace Artist John Fronza

John Fronza, Sr. attended the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY after completing his military service in the U.S. Navy and being honorably discharged. He began his career designing textiles, and men’s and boy’s apparel in New York City for retailers such as Sears and JC Penney. Upon accepting a position as an advertising designer for the Tampa Tribune he relocated to Florida and thereafter entered the trade show industry as the Creative Director for the U.S. headquarters of ExpoSystems, based in London, England. Later, as a Creative Director in the screen print industry, John was in charge of the illustration department that conceptualized and created graphic designs for NASA, Universal Studios, Sea World, Anheuser-Busch, and internationally for Hard Rock Café, among others. Upon relocating to Atlanta, GA he created and developed trade show exhibit graphic design, illustration and marketing programs for national accounts such as Triumph Motorcycles and Bank of America. In order to make use of his diverse talents John founded Fronza Design, LLC in 2001, with its main focus being on DeNovo bank branding and marketing, as well as offering creative services to a variety of other industries.

John has been the recipient of numerous awards for his design and creativity, including a First Place National ADDY Award, two Local and two District ADDY Awards, two awards from Pennsylvania Allied Artists, and the Tampa Tribune Layout and Design Award.

John is now focusing his attention on his passion for the fine arts and his ability to create images that evoke contemplation on the subjects of our oceans and marine environment that become more threatened every day, and the beautiful natural landscapes of Georgia. John’s interest in the myths and legends created by Native Americans have also captured his attention as subject matter and are reflected in his work, such as “The Orca and the Osprey”.

“My love for the sea began when I was serving in the Untied States Navy during the Vietnam War. Never have I seen such massive power in nature. It left an indelible mark on my thinking and helped to shape my life.
I have always taken a keen interest in the oceans and seas of the world which have become a focus for our global sustainability. Every day we lose precious coral reefs and another species becomes endangered, even though we are doing a much better job at preserving these natural resources. It is my hope that through my work I can bring more attention to this monumental problem by increasing awareness and concern, and ultimately finding a solution which will result not only our survival, but helping the seas of the world to flourish once more.”

Visit his site at www.fronzadesign.com or www.fineartmarketplace.com

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