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Enhance artwork with mats, frames that bring out its beauty

Enhance artwork with mats, frames that bring out its beauty!

Originally Published by the PPFA

Most art can be framed successfully several different ways. The key is to enhance the art, not detract from it with the frames and matting chosen. Some points to keep in mind when designing framing with a custom 
framer, include:

	Where will the art hang - office, living room, kitchen, entryway? 

	Is the interior modern, traditional, country?

	What is the dominant color of the room? 

	The answer to these questions can affect the finished look of an art piece because each demands different design approaches and solutions.

	Each piece of art has a distinct color palette. Choosing matting colors within that palette will ensure the enhancement of the art. Determine the amount of color contrast found in the art - lightness to darkness, coolness to warmness - then use these color tones in the matting and frame to draw attention to 
the art.

	Choosing more than one mat adds color accents, gives a linear detail and increases 
the depth front to back. Many times one mat can be used, but two, three or more can add aesthetically to the total framing design.

	Contrasting texture also can enrich a framing design. There are many new exciting finishes, colors and textures to both mats and frames. Mats come smooth, textured and covered with fabric such as suede, silks, denims and linen. Frames are made of metal - brushed, scratched and smooth - or wood - stained, painted, gold or silver leafed and even plastic. 
But remember to keep textural contrasts consistent with the art.

	Decorative touches can add a great deal to the framing of art such as classic French matting, watercolor or pastel panels with hand-colored papers, or a V-groove, a channel cut into the top mat revealing the bottom mat. Used with restraint, mat decoration can be a wonderful addition to the framing design.

	An experienced custom framer can guide you through the choices that will make your art the most it can be, as well as give advice about the differences in matting materials and hinging methods to ensure the longevity of your art.

	Robin Zelizer (CPF) and her staff of experienced picture framers are available to help make your vision a reality when it comes to framing your artwork….no job too small nor too big….we've done it all with over a 100 years combined experience.