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Barney Davey’s New Book Now Available

How to Sell Art to Interior Designers: Learn New Ways to Get Your Work into the Interior Design Market               and Sell More Art

From Amazon.com;

“Discover new, easy ways to sell art to interior designers. For visual artists, learning how to get their work sold in the design market can either become the focus of how to make a great living as an artist, or they can use the design market as a way to create a secondary source of income.
The authors, Dick Harrison and Barney Davey, have extensive backgrounds in selling art, working with designers, gallery experience and advising fine artists on how to make more money and be more profitable. For more than 20 years, Dick made a very comfortable living selling as an artist’s rep selling art throughout his home state of Florida. Barney worked for Decor, a magazine for art and picture framing retailers, for nearly 20 years. During that time he was fortunate to work with many of the top selling artists and art print publishers worldwide.
Both Dick and Barney are published authors, and art marketing bloggers who have helped thousands of artists learn how to operate their businesses efficiently and get their art sold effectively. This book is a culmination of nearly 50 years of art sales and marketing experience. It is jam-packed with useful information, ideas and advice that any artist can use to become more successful, particularly by selling their work to interior design professionals”.