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Tips for Hanging Artwork

Hang your pictures like a professional!

Once you have your artwork professionally framed, the next step is to hang it properly. Even the most beautifully framed artwork can be a distraction if it is hung too high, too low or next to the wrong size picture.
A single picture or group of pictures should hang at eye level. This means that when you view the artwork, you will be looking at the center of the picture.
Two important points to remember when hanging pictures at eye level: Not every individual is the same height, so take into account the different eye levels of adults in your household. Use an average eye level that will be comfortable for everyone.
Eye levels can vary depending on the room. For example, in your dining room where people are sitting most of the time, pictures should be hung at the eye level of a sitting, not standing, person. And, in children’s rooms, art should be placed where the child can see it.
Hanging more than one picture demands the attention to how the pictures interact together. Ensuring that the pictures have something visually in common whether its size, subject matter or composition, will make your group hanging a success.
If you have two or three pictures of similar size, you can position them so that the bottom or the tops of the frames are lined up. If the pictures are of different sizes, then place the largest picture in the middle with a smaller picture on either side.
Mapping out your group arrangement beforehand is a good idea. The easiest way to design your arrangement is to make a paper template for each picture. Using removable tape, you can hang these templates on your wall and move them around until you have the right effect. This saves time, gives you more choices and offers fewer mistakes.
In working with a grouping of five or more pictures, start by placing the largest picture in the middle and either two larger pictures or smaller pictures on each end, leaving room to fill in each side. This look is especially effective when hanging eight or nine pictures in one space.
Groups of pictures tend to be less formal than the dramatic effect of a single picture. But, if the subject matter of the pictures is formal or the moulding is ornate or gold or silver, group hangings can work well in a formal setting, such as a dining or living room.