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National Fine Arts Title Registry: Tip #7

Professional Artist Program – Tip 7

(This tip comes to you as a service from the National Fine Arts Title Registry)

OOOh, That Even Hurts Me

When the US art market is flooded with factory produced paintings from overseas it hurts every artist that wants to sell their work. The US is awash with “original” painting suspiciously signed by names like “Wilson, Jones, and Johnson” (many times spelled wrong). These painting are sold at such ridiculously low prices to unsuspecting buyers it drives overall pricing down for even the Sunday Afternoon painter.

The ACC recently pointed out in their press release.

“Copyright infringed art is not sold on the streets out of the back of vans, but rather sold in legitimate art shows, from websites – including Ebay, and even in your favorite retail stores.  Fakes have infiltrated the supply chain and have made their way into legitimate retail outlets.”

“The problem of copyright infringement of the visual arts is very real and global in scale.  In the past, companies viewed competing with fakes as merely a cost of doing business.  Now it has moved far beyond that to threaten the viability of not just businesses but of entire industries.”

So it is not just the movie and music industry that loses money due to copyright infringement and mass production but it is thousands of independent artists that struggle to keep prices at a reasonable level.

Add Value, Security, and Prestige. Register your art.

Fat Puppy

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Fat Puppy is not a fictional character, but a character none the less that has made and lost fortunes in the art game.