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Fine Art Marketplace featured artist: Lisa Stockdell

After many years of working only in graphite pencil, Lisa recently took the plunge into the exciting world of pastel. She was privileged to study pastels under Lesley Harrison, an internationally known pastel artist specializing in painting animals.

Lisa also studied photography at the Southeastern Center for the Arts and credits her photographic skills with helping her to create portraits that truly capture the best of her subject. She often combines elements of different photos (the flow of a mane, set of a tail, light in the eyes, line of a neck, etc.) in order to highlight an animal’s best features.

Lisa enjoys painting all kinds of animals, but horses are her favorite. She is available for commissioned portraits in both pastel and graphite pencil. She resides in Atlanta and is a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society.


“If you’ve ever known the love of an animal, you know how special they are and how much they enrich our lives. My artistic goal is to showcase the characteristics that make them special and preserve them in a portrait to be enjoyed for years. I also hope to help advance recognition of new breeds, like Gypsy Vanner horses, and to encourage people to bring these wonderful creatures into their lives. I hope that owning a piece of my artwork gives you as much joy as it gives to me in bringing it to life!”

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