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Fine Art Marketplace Artist Elaine Callahan

Elaine Callahan

“I create paintings that capture my love of radiant light, vibrant colors, and rich textures in graphic compositions that are inspired by my work as a graphic designer. I paint with watercolors and fluid acrylics, building up the layers of color to create the essence of the inner quality of light that all things possess. My paintings reflect the beauty and joy of everyday life.”

From creating childhood scribbles at the kitchen table, to owning her own graphic design studio, art has always been a part of Elaine Callahan’s life. Her focus on fruits and vegetables coincided with being diagnosed with celiac (gluten intolerance) in February 2007. She is a signature member of both the Georgia Watercolor Society and the Southern Watercolor Society. Elaine finds inspiration for her paintings through travel, and especially enjoys visiting farmers markets.

View Elaine’s art at www.fineartmarketplace.com