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Attention ALL ARTISTS! You NEED this book!

From our friend and colleague, Barney Davey

Who Doesn’t Want Straight Advice?

 We are long past the point where any artist or nearly any small business that needs to find new customers can avoid marketing online. It’s a way of life. Smartphones have made many physical retail locations live demonstration spots rather than sales spots.

A Common Occurrence in Galleries Everywhere

People do this all the time. They walk into a gallery and immediately start using their phone to check out the artists they find there. Some are looking for additional information or provenance, many others are seeking to see if they would overpay by purchasing from the gallery. It’s a fact of life gallerists must overcome to stay in business.

We’re Beyond Websites Are Not Optional

Marketing your art online is no longer optional. If you expect your business to grow and your sales to increase, it’s become necessary for you to take control of your marketing and build a loyal following.  NOW AVAILABLE Just $12.99. Pick up a copy at our studio!

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