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Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces

In this post we’d like to introduce you to one of our corporate partners, The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces (AFFPS). AFFPS was founded in 2005 when the partners saw a need to support the Atlanta arts community through arts and crafts events and festivals. As they say on their website, “AFFPS was formed to create a way of integrating and encouraging both social interactions and the opportunity for individuals and businesses to obtain cross exposures in marketplaces that they may normally not have”. Their festivals, events and markets have drawn participants from a wide range of social and economic demographics. All events are professionally managed and maintained. Digital Arts Studio works with many artists who participate in AFFPS festivals several times a year…we’ve heard only outstanding reviews of their management and organizational skills. Most other festivals are thrown together without much thought for the artist, but that’s not true with AFFPS.


AFFPS has established itself not only as a supportive venue for artists but as an outstanding vehicle for communities and cities to expand public access to art.

So whether you’re a seasoned festival artist seeking a new venue to display and sell your art, or a first timer, AFFPS will have a festival right for you. If you’re not an artist but an art lover be sure to attend some of their festivals this year.


A calendar of AFFPS festivals for 2014 may be found by clicking HERE.

If you’re an artist interested in more information about their festivals be sure to go to the AFFPS website for a comprehensive explanation of how you too can participate.