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5 Reasons Why Selling Art to Interior Designers Rocks!

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Selling art to interior designers will boost your career. Here’s how:

1.            Stress-free, quick sales
2.            Get paid immediately
3.            Curriculum vitae or resume not required
4.            Top interior designers are repeat buyers
5.            Easy to find and approach

If you are in the business of art, meaning you set about to make money by creating art and selling it, then you should investigate selling art to interior designers.

Let’s look at each reason for selling art to interior designers:

Stress-free, quick sales – It is a different game selling art to interior designers. To begin with, you will find once you have a relationship with a design professional that sales made to them are usually done quickly and easily.

You are going to show them art in your inventory that matches their overall design needs. They will respond with a yes or no on the spot. Sure, there may be some situations where they want the work on spec, or need to show it to a partner, or a client, but most the time, they will decide quickly. You are in and out of the selling process in a short time.

Get paid immediately – This is awesome. The general rule of thumb is you sell the work and collect the payment at the same time.  It is possible you will have to wait a short period for payment, but you can usually be on your way to the bank after making the sale. This helps improve your cash flow, and your morale.

Curriculum vitae or resume not required – With designers, it’s all about the work. If it is the right size, palette, subject matter, and price, you have a sale based on those factors, not your artist’s statement, or c.v. Designers are buying within a budget. Your art is just one of dozens or even hundreds of design components that need to be matched and fitted together to create a harmonious overall design scheme. As such, if what you provide fills their needs, they do not get concerned about who made the art. They know good art when they see it and buy regardless of your training, education, or experience.

Top interior designers are repeat buyers – once you establish a relationship with a busy design professional, you can expect to make sales to them repeatedly. This is especially true if they come to trust that you are a reliable source of art for them. The most successful designers are busy people. If they know you can deliver art they need at prices that fit their budget, you can become their “go to” source when new jobs are initiated.

Easy to find and approach – Designers are in the public eye. Many have their own ongoing promotion and publicity programs. A good number of them brand their businesses with their name. Nearly all can be located by looking at the Yellow Pages, Houzz.com, or browsing the Internet. Depending on the size of your metro area, you may have dozens of designers whose offices are just minutes away from your home base. If you are willing to travel, you can find hundreds of new sources for selling art to interior designers.

There are many ways to meet designers. Networking, direct mail, or in some cases, email. However, you will find the quickest method is to contact them directly, by phone, or in person if the situation calls for it.

Who Doesn’t Want to Sell Art to Interior Designers?

If you have read the above with interest, and believe your art is a good fit for the design market, you are a great prospect to read How to Sell Art to Interior Designers. It is a new book written by my good friend, Dick Harrison and me.

It is easy to see from great interest in previous related posts on how to sell art to interior designers that many readers of this blog want more information on how to get their work into the interior design market. Now you have a new resource to help you get started quickly while avoiding costly pitfalls.


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